3 Questions You Must Answer Before Trying to Make Money Online

Question 1:Why do you want an online business, or income?

If you answered “to get rich,” then I have to admit that you are probably misguided about online businesses, and making money online. Let’s be upfront right now, there is no magic pill or elixir (or online program or software, either) that will have you raking in money; despite what all the “guru’s” and make-money-online “experts” are willing to bait out. You may well be better suited to play the lottery.

If you answered “to work five minutes a day and spend the rest of the time traveling/doing what I want.” See bullet one. Any venture, whether it is virtual or not requires time, effort and in almost all cases, at least to a certain degree, capital. Starting an online business, or acquiring an online income is not simply working for “five minutes” and expecting cash to role in. if you believe that, you have likely been hooked by a “guru.” You must expect, and be willing to, invest time (at least) in your new venture – a lot of entrepreneurs starting out spend 10-20 hours a week above and beyond their current job working on their online business.

If you answered “for financial freedom, independence and self-reliance” then you have as good of chance as any to succeed with you own online business or money-making opportunity. As long as you don’t fall into any traps from the “guru’s”, and know upfront the time, effort and sacrifices that has to be made upfront.
Question 2:What do you want to achieve?

If you answered “to get rich” or “to get rich quick” – see the first bullet point above. You have to be realistic with what you want to achieve, and honestly, “to get rich” or “to get rich quick” just is simply not realistic. It does not happen.

Begin with a reasonable goal. Something you can see, and obtain. Something that will, once met, give you inspiration for moving forward, and for continuing with your endeavor. Beware not to set your sights too high as failure in this realm is the leading cause of online entrepreneurs dropping out, giving up and cashing in.
Question 3:Do you have the desire, commitment and self drive?

This is probably the single most question that you must answer truthfully to be able to achieve any and all goals for your online business. Are you the type that can create the initiative to go out on your own, get up daily and know what you must do at any certain time of the day?

Or, are you the type that has to be managed. To be given a task or tasks to achieve in a given time frame? Now, there is nothing at all wrong with this type of person, if you are indeed one of them. But, online entrepreneurship may not be the best option for you.
To be successful in online entrepreneurship, as is true with any business, you must be aware that “get rich” or “get rich quick” goals/hype are scams. You must be able to set achievable and measurable goals. And, most importantly, you must be able to do this on your own. You must have the resolve and determination to set, manage and achieve your own goals.

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